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About the university
Al-Qasim Green University is an Iraqi public higher education institution founded in 2012 according to the ministerial letter no. q/4/1/1150 in April 24th, 2012. It is based in Al-Qasim city/ Babylon Province, Iraq, 120 KMs southern Baghdad. The university was first founded after separating the colleges of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine from Babylon University and moving them to the new location in Al-Qasim city, followed by initiating of new colleges.

The university now has eight colleges: they are College of Agriculture, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Environmental Science, College of Food Science, College of Science, College of Water Resources Engineering, College of Biotechnology, and College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences. In addition to the colleges, the university has two consultant bureaus: The Agriculture Consultant Bureau, and The Ecological Consultant Bureau. The university is a member in the European Erasmus+ program.

Sustainable energy and environmentally friendly have been taken into consideration when designing and constructing the buildings of the university, hence is the word “green” is chosen in its name. The university now includes about 728 teaching staff members and employees, 3420 undergraduates, and about 4460 students graduated from the university since its foundation. The university is built on exploration through teaching, learning, research and collaboration among educators, students, and local as well as global communities.
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Our university offers the following study programmes


More than six program in the field of animal production, soil science, water resources, horticulture, garden engineering, and field crops in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Pollution in Environmental Sciences and Biotechnology.


More than 17 programs in agricultural and veterinary sciences, general sciences, biotechnology , food sciences, environmental sciences, sport sciences and engineering.


More than 13 programs in the field of animal production, veterinary microbiology, environmental pollution, biotechnology, food technology, and water and environmental resources engineering.


Holding courses, seminars and workshops in various specializations for different groups and field visits to various sectors of society in order to consolidate the university’s relationship with society.

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